Read! Recommend! Raffle! winners

Thanks to our community members who participated in the Read! Recommend! Raffle! contest. The winners, and their book recommendations, are below.

Addie J.
Skin Deep an Interactive Coloring Book, by Screebee
This book encourages all ages and all races to understand and accept diversity in a mild manner. It combines old-school with modern technology for a learn-through-play experience that helps build self-esteem as well as computer skills (when using the APP).

Brook R.
My Stroke of Insight, by Jill Bolte Taylor
Amazing insight into what happens to the victim of a stroke.

Wendy K.
Shedding Our Stars, by Laureen Nussbaum & Karen Kirtley
A great read about a family who survived the Holocaust due to a decision made by German Reichskommissar named Hans CalMeyer, who very quietly saved thousands of Jews from concentration camps from behind his desk.

Cheryl B.
Oil and Marble, by Stephanie Storey
Well researched historical novel about Leonardo de Vinci and Michealangelo.