Proposed Policies and Procedures updates

As part of the 2019 budget process, last November the Friends of the Edmonds Library board and membership approved a new budget item, “Education & Literacy Grants,” with funds for this year approved at $1,500. In addition, it was decided that the University of Washington iSchool would administer the graduate-level scholarship provided by the Friends, which is standard practice for the iSchool’s financial support programs.

To allow for the administering of these funds, the organization’s Policies and Procedures require some updates.

The following amendments were approved by the Board on Thursday April 11 and will be presented to a membership vote on Thursday, April 25, at 1:30pm, in the Edmonds Library Plaza Room during our regular monthly membership program.

A. Standing Committees

7. Scholarship and Community Educational Grants

This committee is responsible for coordinating the FEL scholarship program with the University of Washington School of Library and Information Sciences (UW iSchool), as well as identifying and providing educational grants to eligible organizations serving the Edmonds community.

The amounts available for scholarship and educational grants shall be determined by the Board as part of the annual budget process.

  1. Scholarship

After the budget is approved, the committee informs the UW iSchool of the scholarship amount.

The committee is responsible for acknowledging any additional donation that may be made to FEL specifically for the FEL scholarship.

Minimum recommended requirements to be eligible for the FEL scholarship are:

  1. Must be a returning student
  2. Student must be a Washington resident
  3. Student must have a focus on, or interest in public librarianship. 

These requirements may be re-evaluated by the committee as needed.  

The UW iSchool will inform the committee of an identified recipient upon conclusion of their review process.  The committee will then advise the FEL Treasurer to fund the scholarship award.

  1. Community Educational Grants

Eligible organizations may include schools and non-profits providing educational programs, including but not limited to adult education, back-to-school programs, school library support, family and youth literacy.

Grants can be given to purchase books, equipment, supplies, or materials, or other relevant purposes at the committee’s discretion.  Eligible programs can be expanding existing educational programs or implementing new ones.

The committee will review potential recipients, and select programs and recommended amounts to be presented to FEL Board for approval.  

Following FEL Board approval, the committee chair requests the FEL Treasurer fund the grant(s).