Meet new author William McClain

Bill taught high school math and physics and then spent three decades consulting with large sized companies regarding retirement benefit plans before writing his first book The Risk in Crossing Borders.

Bill said he had no idea what he was getting into when he started writing this book which was a two year endeavor. Because publishers focus on well- established writers, many writers self-publish. It helps a writer if they have a strong social network and if they use platforms such as Amazon and Ingram Spark to sell their book.

The content of his book makes a wide geographic swath; Seattle to Beirut to Syria to France. Yana is a middle ages woman living in Seattle.   Elias is a surgeon living in Syria whose hospital has been destroyed in the conflict. His book represents the resilience the characters in the book have, it also explores issues of conflict in Syria, refugees searching for safety as well as transgender issues.   

Bill hopes that readers of his book walk away with an awareness that with so much going on in the world today that the reader sees these experiences through the eyes of someone else. For more information about Bill, visit his website